Welcome to Fiveacres

Welcome to Fiveacres Country Club, the finest naturist club in Hertfordshire if not the UK! 

Fiveacres was established as a naturist club back in 1927 as a modest camp started by a small group of nudists.Today it has earned respect up and down the country as being a welcoming, family friendly club, where people can mix together in harmony to enjoy the common goal of in depth relaxation and appreciation of naturism and the all the freedom that comes with it.

Five acres country club Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire
Naturists by the pool at Fiveacres Country Club in Hertfordshire

Perfect Facilities

Especially welcome are those who want to experience naturism for the first time, we have many members female, male, young and not so young, who remember their very first time and would be more than willing to gently ease first timers towards losing their fears and enabling them to enjoy the naturist lifestyle. We have generous grounds with excellent facilities such a large heated swimming pool, tennis courts, Boule, Miniten and a wonderful clubhouse with a licensed bar and eatery, that hosts regular social events.

Perfect Choices

However, if you don’t particularly want to socialise and just want some ‘me time’ then this is the ideal place to enjoy your own personal oasis, or just keep together with your family unit. Or, maybe you are the sort of character that wants to join in with everything, and then on another occasion keep yourself to yourself. That’s ok too. You’ll find that the like minded folks at Fiveacres can feel the same way.

It’s all about freedom and freedom of choice.

There are very few rules at Fiveacres, and those rules are the common sense ones you’d expect, that relate to safety and absolute respect for others.

Barbara sitting in shade at Fiveacres
The Club house at Fiveacres Naturist Club

Perfect Surroundings

If you are, as previously mentioned, new to naturism, and have fears or concerns maybe about how others will see you or potentially embarrassing situations, please speak to us. We see hundreds of people like you who share the same anxieties when they take their first steps towards becoming a naturist.

One thing is for sure, once you have experienced the naturist lifestyle, you’ll
probably want to enjoy it forever, and the best place to start that journey is here at Fiveacres!

Where are we?

"We look forward to seeing you very soon."
Pat Badham


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